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About Hemlock Semiconductor

Hemlock Semiconductor is the only U.S.-based high-purity polysilicon producer in the world. The experience and technology we’ve developed since our start in 1961 have allowed us to develop a safe, efficient, sustainable and cost-effective process to manufacture this highly critical material. We put a strong emphasis on public safety and take pride in being an involved and active community leader in the Great Lakes Bay region.

As the largest producer of high-purity polysilicon in the United States, Hemlock Semiconductor draws on the talents of more than 1,350 employees to provide the material critical to two high-tech, high-growth industries: electronics and solar energy. We provide a technically challenging and supportive environment for all employees. 

- Our Purpose -

We transform people’s lives by energizing and connecting our world through silicon technology.

- Our Mission -

To be the preferred polysilicon suppliers to the semiconductor and solar industries. 

- Our Vision -

To be a family-friendly, community-oriented high-tech employer whose employees and products have a positive effect on the world.

- Our Strong Commitment to Sustainability -

As a company dedicated to a more sustainable solar energy future, we encourage all of our team members to help lead this transformation in ways big and small. Through shared learning and a relentless commitment to our planet, our people and what is possible in clean manufacturing, you can play a role in how we connect and energize the world.

The work we do each day contributes to the sustainability of society, the economy and our environment.

We add value for our customers through reliability, sustainability and support.

We listen, understand and act to meet our customers’ needs, exactly.

We partner with our communities to help make the places where we live, work and play better for all.

We contribute to the education of tomorrow’s generations.

We put safety first, both for our employees and for our neighbors

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Electrical Engineering Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Saginaw, MI
“Diverse culture. ”

Mechanical Engineering Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Midland, MI
“I loved the open, family-like culture that is present at this company. HSC is a true example that if the employees enjoy their jobs, they are more efficient and skilled at what they do; the company did a great job of combining hard work with fun, which allows for small incentives throughout the work week. My projects revolved around maintenance of the plant equipment, thus requiring a great deal of critical thinking and problem-solving on a thermodynamic engineering level. Throughout the summer, I always had someone to help answer any questions or inquiries of mine, and I engaged in a lot of insightful discussions with employees of all different roles and skill levels across the plant. Overall, this was a fantastic internship experience and a perfect way for me to gain exposure to the many facets of manufacturing.”
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