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About Head Over Heels Athletic Arts

Head Over Heels was founded with two primary beliefs:

Gymnastics is a natural foundation for all forms of athletics.
Individuals given the opportunity to explore what their bodies are capable of at a young age are more apt to stay physically active throughout their life.
At Head Over Heels we understand the correlation between being physically active and the development of strong brain function; health of body and mind. It is proven that maintaining one’s physical strength leads to greater mental clarity and supports an individual’s self esteem. It is our mission to improve our students’ quality of life by helping them to achieve their individual athletic goals while instilling a life long love of being physically active.


Gymnastics Coach

June 2018 - September 2018 Emeryville, CA
“Getting to work with children and see them have fun.”
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What might a work schedule look like for a gymnastics coach at Head Over Heels Athletic Arts ?

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