Haystack Analytics

About Haystack Analytics

Haystack plugs directly into your repositories using the Github API. We analyze the past 6 months of historical data to determine 'healthy area' for each team, repository, and member. Our system compares incoming activity to success heuristics we've collected over the years so things look out of the ordinary or worth noting - we'll tell you about. Simple as that.


Business Development Consultant

May 2020 Los Angeles, CA
“Innovative startup led by two visionary founders. Exploding in a DevOps space that is becoming more and more industry critical each year. Haystack has designed a platform and product that solves a problem that software development teams have been trying to address for years. The startup has earned a spot in the 2021 batch of the Y Combinator Accelerator, widely considered the most prestigious startup accelerator in the US.”
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