Hays Recreation Commission


August 2015 • Hays, KS

What I liked

I come from a very small town and sports were the big thing that happened at school. When I got to college, I wanted to keep sports in my life. Hays Recreation Commission was a great job for me because I get to interact with sports all the time. I officiate volleyball and keep score for basketball and supervise open gyms. I am constantly around sports, something that I am very passionate about.

What I wish was different

I really wouldn't want anything to be different with the job. One thing that sometimes bothers me is the attitude and poor behavior of the people that come to the Rec Center. Mainly this poor attitude comes from junior high/high school aged kids.


Some advice that I would share for this experience would be to always have a smile on your face and be a good example. People are more likely to cooperate with you when you have a friendly attitude. They will remember you and will look forward to seeing you whenever they come.
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