Hampton Police Department

About Hampton Police Department

Hampton Beach is a resort community located along the beautiful New Hampshire Seacoast. Our Police Department is staffed with 36 Full-Time and 70 Part-Time Sworn Officers. The Hampton Police Department hires many new Part-Time Police Officers every year for regularly scheduled work during our busy summer season. The summer season starts late in June and runs through Labor Day.

We are the place to start your Criminal Justice Career! New Officer's consistently talk about experience's that Veteran Officers in other Agencies may never see. You get paid to learn from real life experiences. Learn how to interact with and deal with Crowds. Direct, Control and make effective Traffic Stops. Make Single, Multiple, and Group Arrests. Respond and investigate Traffic Crashes. Conduct Criminal Investigations. Learn to testify at Court hearings and much more...

Recognized as one of the leaders in the New Hampshire Law Enforcement Community, our Agency offers an exciting and challenging experience to the Novice, Experienced, or Retired (LE) Applicant. Many Criminal Justice careers have been started on the streets of our Community. Members of our alumni can be found across the nation in a broad spectrum of Local, State, and Federal Agencies representing ranks from Patrolman to Chief of Police.


Police Dispatcher

May 2019 Hampton, NH
“Starting out in Dispatch or as a Part Time Officer at Hampton Police Department is a great way to get your law enforcement career started. When summer comes and people start heading to the beach the job shows you experiences that can only be scene in a busy atmosphere. Overall working at Hampton was an experience like none other I have done before. If you are thinking law enforcement may be the career path for you then Hampton Police Department is a must for your application list. ”

Communication speacislist

May 2019 - September 2019 Hampton, NH
“Very good experience and great people to work with. ”
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