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About Hagler & Associates

Hagler & Associates is a marketing and sales firm that was founded in 2010. Since opening our doors, we have had the opportunity to help expand to a variety of locations such as Covington, KY; Baltimore, MD; and Northeast Ohio. We represent a wide range of clients ranging from home entertainment to wireless communications to renewable energy within local retail venues.

Our decade long retail partnerships allow our organization to manage our clients' marketing and sales efforts while providing a personal touch to consumer relations. What makes Hagler & Associates unique is having retail partnerships to allow our team members to utilize face to face interaction without doing the traditional door to door or business to business.

We take pride in developing our company and striving to grow both professionally and personally. We understand that in order to grow, all individuals at Hagler & Associates must continue to learn therefore networking and professional development opportunities are a top priority. We strive to provide a fun, family environment to foster positive learning experiences while also giving back to the local communities.

Hagler & Associates is a highly recognized company nationally and has a host of awards to back up our name varying from Consumer Electronics Partner of the Year, Bravo Award - Innovative Sales Techniques, Best Vendor of the Year, and Elite Partner of the Year. Our quality services have not gone unnoticed. We are excited to grow into more locations while continuing the build our clients' footprint.


Talent Acquisition Specialist

March 2018 Covington, KY
“I loved the on-going hands on training that Hagler & Associates have to offer. Since the world and technology is forever changing on the day-to-day basis Hagler & Associates keeps everyone in the office up-to-speed with daily staff meetings, weekly conference calls and semi-annual regional conferences. The time and training they put into their professional development by far surpasses most companies today. I really recommend applying for a position here if you're interested in business and marketing.”

Marketing Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Covington, KY
“I enjoyed working with my co-workers.”
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