Hagerty Consulting, Inc

Emergency Management Summer Intern

May - August 2019 • Washington, DC

What I liked

I was able to work on multiple projects in different areas (business development, marketing, market research, etc) where I felt like I had a valuable impact. The internship was tailored to my specific interests so I was able to utilize a lot of the data analysis skills I have used at Wesleyan and translate them to work done on a few of Hagerty's current contracts. All of the senior managers and associates around me were also super helpful and patient throughout the summer and always encouraged me to ask questions.

What I wish was different

The first few weeks is a big adjustment period with the amount of work you have and the information you learn so I wish I had a little more formal on-board training. However, being thrown in the fire is one of the best ways to learn and I felt that those first few weeks were some of the most important times in learning more the type of work that Hagerty does and the skills needed to support senior staff.


There may be times when you are working on a few different projects at once, but I would you encourage you take on as many tasks as possible. By doing this myself, it advanced my knowledge of not only emergency management but also the cool, interesting projects that Hagerty is involved with around the country. Also, if you are ever confused about something or have a question, never be afraid to ask a senior associate.
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