HabiTots Preschool and Child Care Center

About HabiTots Preschool and Child Care Center

Appointed with state-of-the-art security equipment and meticulously maintained, our facilities are beautiful, safe and efficient. Throughout our halls and classrooms, you’ll find caring, hard-working, knowledgeable and simply incredible certified staff, all of whom love what they do.

Our mission is to consistently exceed expectations, providing professional and secure early childhood education and care while continuing to improve our services, personnel, systems, processes and relationships so that we may rise to become the preschool/childcare/learning center of choice in our shared community.

Children are born ready to learn.

The desire to discover and absorb is never more concentrated than during the first five years of life—and we only get one chance to do it right. We know that your decision on to whom to entrust your child’s early education is a momentous one, and a privilege that is earned and should never be taken for granted.

That’s why at HabiTots, our goals are to create a welcoming environment that reflects each child’s family, interests, cultures and differing abilities; build a warm relationship with every family that becomes a part of ours; and offer learning opportunities that stretch what every child knows about themselves and their capabilities.

We believe that:

Every child is unique, and a “one size fits all” approach to learning ultimately fits none. Children are worthy of the same respect as adults, and heard as clearly as they are seen. Teaching children should not come from a place of ego or dictation. Adults in their lives should work cooperatively with one another as partners in their development. Learning happens through play and reinforcement of teachable moments during a process that includes awareness, exploration, inquiry and application.
In order to teach, we must first truly understand children, how they develop, and strategize on how to encourage and affirm their blossoming.


Child Care Center Teacher

June 2019 Middle Island, NY
“Yes, I absolutely loved it! It was such a great experience and opportunity!”

Asisstant Teacher/floater

July 2018 Medford, NY
“I worked in the infant room exclusively and it was amazing how busy they kept me. The ratio for teacher to children is 4:1 but most times we had a full class with 8 children and 2 teachers.”
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