Groundwork Somerville

Green Team Leader

June - August 2020 • Somerville, MA

What I liked

Through this internship I expanded my knowledge of Environmental Studies- and environmental justice specifically- in a hands-on way that I had not experienced in the classroom. Working on the Green Team is an excellent opportunity to learn more about food accessibility, the history of farming, and the importance of indigenous knowledge, among many other things. Plus, through leading youth workshops on many of the above topics I was able to improve my ability to communicate on nuanced environmental topics. Best of all, it's a really fun job with a great group of people. I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys working with youth.

What I wish was different

It was an amazing internship, which left me wanting to continue working with Groundwork Somerville. I only wish there were more ways to stay involved during the school year.


No matter how extensively you've studied environmental justice issues, keep an open mind and approach this internship as a learning opportunity. Listen!
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