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About Greystone Technology

Greystone Technology has redesigned the way technology services are provided – from the ground up. It’s as common-sense as it is revolutionary. We don’t start with solutions, we start with questions. Lots of them. Then we listen.

Service providers have a well-earned reputation for sharing the answer before knowing the problem. Your business gets solutions you don’t need to problems you don’t have — and technology sets you back.

We dig deep to understand your business, share your vision and guide your success. All those things you hate about your technology service experience? We understand, and we did something about it. We dig deeper to provide solutions that work in the real world, not just in sales proposals.

We’ve raised the bar, and we want to raise your expectations of what technology services can do for your business. Greystone Technology is here to prove that you can have better.


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September 2018 Fort Collins, CO
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