Greater Huntington Park & Recreation District

Recreation Assistant

February 2022 • Huntington, WV

What I liked

Overall the work here was fantastic! Meeting a lot of people, generally working at your own pace, and spending a lot of time outdoors during fun events. I made a lot of great connections in the public through this job and would recommend it to anyone! Coworkers are very few, but all of them are exceptionally talented! All of the events are well-planned and everything is very clear with expectations set to whatever you personally can accomplish. Everyone is very flexible with your availability and work towards creating a community of great people to work with regularly. They are incredibly understanding when it comes to other priorities in life - whether that be family, long-standing plans, or even unforeseen circumstances.

What I wish was different

I really only had an issue with the pay for this job. Yes, it is a competitive pay rate. Yes, you do make your own hours overall. However, in an average week during off-season you only work at best an hour or two. If it had a little more consistency in hours, it would be a fantastic job to keep.


I would recommend getting to know the parks. Not just the locations and the amenities offered by the parks, but get to know the people that go there. Get to know the events they park district hosts. Learn more about all aspects of GHPRD and be prepared for a great work environment.
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