Great Pacific Securities

About Great Pacific Securities

Founded in 1990, Great Pacific Securities (GPS) is an institutional financial services firm that specializes in serving public sector clients. GPS is also a certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), with a majority of the firm’s shares under Hispanic ownership and a registered Small Business Enterprise (SBE). Possessing a strong capital structure, GPS maintains four main divisions: an experienced trading desk specializing in fixed-income and equity execution, a Debt and Equity Underwriting Department, and a Municipal Bond Department, and a Consulting Arm. The firm actively trades Treasury, Agency, mortgage-backed, corporate, and municipal bonds as well as equities and brokered CDs.



November 2023 Costa Mesa, CA
“I liked and appreciated the mentorship I received from the CEO and everyone who worked there. Observing closely with the CEO and traders really allowed me to gain a strong understanding of the daily operations. It has been an excellent opportunity for me to gain experience and new knowledge of trading securities and investment banking. ”

Fall Intern

August 2022 - December 2022 Costa Mesa, CA
“Great Pacific Securities provides an abundance of knowledge in the fixed income market. Working closely with the trade desk exposed me to all the various types of fixed income securities, how they are traded, and why the figures are the way they are. You will also learn about the investment banking operations at Great Pacific Securities as they work on underwriting deals very often. The workplace culture was one that was very helpful, welcoming, and influential. ”
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