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About GPS Psychology & Anxiety Clinic, LLC

We are committed to helping others achieve freedom from fear, find hope, and embrace the greater quality of life through education, support, and evidence-based treatments, while meeting our clients' where they are at and guiding you to where you’d like to be. To accomplish this, we offer innovative and specialized behavioral health services to ensure quality care. We are new and growing; our vision is to become an integrated healthcare clinic that focuses on quality treatment for each patient and desire to create a working environment for our employees that recognizes and utilizes their' strengths and passions.


Mental Health Technician

May 2019 Meridian, ID
“I love the mentorship this job has given me. My boss is an incredibly kind, patient psychologist. This job has also been a wonderful learning opportunity. I've improved my interpersonal skills, particularly over the phone, because I answer a lot of phone calls. I am also slowly learning about the DSM-5 and neuropsychological testing. ”
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