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About Gopher Resource

At Gopher Resource, our history of excellence is a long one. Since 1946, we have focused on researching, developing and applying new technologies that make us safer, more efficient and more productive. The preferred lead recycling company in North America, Gopher Resource Lead Recycling Services processes and recycles more than 10 million spent lead-acid batteries and other lead-bearing materials each year.

Technological advances and environmental stewardship are compatible pursuits. Through the right use of technology, we seek to improve lives while preserving the environment and ecosystems for future generations. We are a recognized leader in pollution prevention and in meeting or exceeding all environmental regulations and requirements.

Our achievements and success depend on our employees, the heart and soul of our enterprise. We foster a respectful, safe work environment where employees are educated and equipped to perform at their best.

Grow with us. Gopher Resource.


EHS Intern

June 2017 Tampa, FL
“I was able to work on a lot of different projects working under many different people. By working on these projects I was able to network and learn how to work as a team. ”

EHS Intern

June 2017 Tampa, FL
“Seeing how engineers operate The people I work with Flexibility of schedule ”
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