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About Goodwill SOLAC

Goodwill, Serving the People of Southern Los Angeles County (SOLAC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that transforms donated goods into job training, education and placement services for individuals with barriers to employment. Goodwill SOLAC serves 22 cities and communities throughout Southern Los Angeles County.

Our skills training, education, job preparation and placement programs build lives, families and communities—one job at a time. Placing individuals in productive and competitive employment fills them with the value, joy and dignity of a paycheck. We believe putting people to work not only benefits the individual, but also the community’s economic vitality through taxes, spending power, real estate values, quality of life, and relief from social services and welfare systems.

Goodwill SOLAC is one of 165 independent Goodwills with membership in Goodwill Industries International. Goodwill SOLAC’s headquarters in Long Beach houses its administrative offices, training programs, processing operations, transportation fleet, LiNKS Sign Language & Interpreting Services, a retail store and its e-commerce operations.


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June 2023 - September 2023 Norwalk, CA
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