Good News Partners

About Good News Partners

Our mission is to end homelessness and hopelessness – to foster justice, and build bridges of reconciliation.

We believe that everyone should have a home at a price they can afford. GNP seeks to create community and a solid anchor to prevent the total displacement of low-income families and individuals.

As a 501c3, asset based community development nonprofit, GNP strives to:

• House families experiencing homelessness by providing them with access to an emergency shelter, affordable transitional and permanent housing;

• Connect, and in some cases directly provide residents with resources to overcome employment and housing barriers such as job-readiness training, programming, referrals, and placement;

• Partner to provide one-on-one therapy and support groups to all residents and staff;

• Support children and young adults with their academic, social and spiritual needs;

• Advocate on behalf of residents to ensure they receive appropriate benefits, treatment and services;

• Assist residents with service plans that outline short and long-term goals to greater security and self-sufficiency;

• Invest in the broader economic development and education of the North-of-Howard community.


Development Intern

May 2022 - August 2022 Chicago, IL
“There were a lot of opportunities to lead your own projects. ”
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