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Tips for somebody who's going to interview for a certified personal trainer job at Gold's Gym?

Have a certified personal trainer certification and/ or specialty certification. Having an Associates or Bachelor’s Degree would be helpful, but experience is equally impressive. Be prepared to explain personal experiences with clients/ members and your influence in their lives. Be prepared to sh...
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If I were to take on a day in the life of a certified personal trainer at Gold's Gym, what might it look like?

A personal trainer should have specialized exercise prescription(s) written out for each client and their individual needs. This should take place either the day before training sessions or programmed even further ahead than that. A personal trainer begins the day by knowing the daily schedule of...
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How helpful is a health and wellness promotion major for certified personal trainers who work at Gold's Gym?

Health and Wellness Promotion absolutely prepared me for this job. More specifically exercise physiology and principles of strength and conditioning. Experience is a major element that cannot be discounted for its value. Theory is great, but practice is a must. Health and Wellness provides a grea...
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What's expected from participants who interview for a group exercise instructor role at Gold's Gym?

Be sure to bring your availability and your best attitude! Generally, the first step just has you discussing your qualifications and getting to know the staff, then during the second part of the process, you will demo teaching to management to prove that you're qualified.
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