GMO Renewable Resources LLC

About GMO Renewable Resources LLC

Founded in 1977, GMO is a private partnership whose sole business is investment management.

GMO proudly serves some of the most prestigious and sophisticated investors globally, focused on providing them with great investment results. We also work hard to partner with our clients by listening to them, answering their questions objectively, offering our insights proactively, finding ways in which we can add value for them, and following through on our commitments.

Our client base is comprised primarily of institutions, including corporate and public defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans, endowments, foundations, and financial intermediaries.

GMO is a global investment leader with expertise in managing multi-asset class strategies as well as focused strategies in a number of specific asset classes. Our approach seeks to identify asset classes and securities for which we believe we can get paid to take risk and utilizes a long-term investment horizon, a belief in the power of mean reversion, discipline, conviction, and a commitment to research. We are willing to take bold, differentiated positions when opportunities warrant and have the patience and fortitude to invest with a long-term perspective.

We have managed portfolios through multiple market cycles and we constantly re-examine market opportunities across asset classes, testing our assumptions and embracing changing market dynamics. We utilize this deep experience to construct portfolios that we believe will offer our clients superior investment results. We also leverage our proven expertise to develop unique, insightful market research and commentary for our clients. We succeed when our clients succeed.


Global Equity Intern

July 2017 Boston, MA
“Amazing people to work with. A supportive environment with opportunities to meet other employees. You really get out what you put into this experience. My project was very open-ended but I have the freedom to try out new ideas and present to the heads of my team. ”

Global Equity Intern

July 2017 Boston, MA
“Freedom to take research projects in my own direction. The support was great.”
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