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Nursery/Garden Center We provide landscape plants, design services and installation.


Landscape Designer

May 2018 West Jordan, UT
“I liked getting paid by the design project as well as an hourly wage and bonuses for working in the nursery. I liked the flexibility, Independence, and professional support.”


May 2019 - August 2019 West Jordan, UT
“The people there were all so nice! I interacted with amazing people from many different backgrounds. Even though my position was a cashier, I was the first person customers came with questions to, and I answered the phone regularly. I was able to use some of the knowledge I had gained from a Field Botany course I had taken by identifying trees/shrubs, and I used knowledge gained from a Soil Science course to recommend fertilizers and other soil applications. I even made a connection with someone who had graduated from a similar program to mine at BYU. I performed many other roles than simply ringing up customers' orders.”
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