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Is there anything specific that I must know before interviewing for a database administration internship at Globe Life?

Before I arrived at my interview I was informed I would undergo a technical evaluation. I made sure to brush up on concepts learned in my previous ISQS courses before hand which came in handy during my interview. As you would in any interview, you should have prepared a minimum three questions to...
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What kind of work would I be doing as a database administration intern at Globe Life?

During a normal work day I would begin by breaking down SQL code to see what data is being pulled off of the database by a given process. Then, I would use an application called Informatica, to recreate the acquisition of that same data in a database connection. Then whatever the SQL code was doi...
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What's the culture really like at a company like Globe Life?

At Globe Life there was an interesting mix of people who worked in the building. On my floor was a hundred or so IT personnel and managers who worked for different branches under Torchmark (of which Globe Life is a subsidiary). On the first floor, which was underneath where I sat on the second fl...
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