Global Treks and Adventures

About Global Treks and Adventures

Global Treks and Adventures is an adventure-based travel company that also leads research expeditions around the world in order to publish cultural guides, naturalist guides, trails guides, and sailing guides. College students have the unique opportunity to intern with the company as they explore remote regions of the world.

Each research expedition provides college students with the unique opportunity to apply their skills in a field setting. Whether traveling by land or sea, research interns will assist in researching and developing a publication to the remote places of the world that we travel to. Each intern is part of a larger team of researchers made up of university instructors, scientists, and other interns working together to develop a dynamic professional publication.

As of 2019, Global Treks and Adventures have hosted over 450 interns from across the United States and abroad connecting students with professional researchers around the globe. Students learn technical skills such as land or sea navigation, how to conduct on-the-ground surveys, work alongside their teammates to create a publication, and earn college credit from their home university.


Cultural Research Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Rarotonga Muri, Rarotonga
“I loved getting to experience and participate in another culture. ”

Geography Research Intern

September 2019 - December 2019 Rarotonga Muri, Rarotonga
“This internship was absolutely incredible. I met a lot of great people and gained a lot of experience in my field. Through this internship I have learned a lot about data collection, plant and wildlife species, island geography, marine life, different cultures, and professional writing. Being given the opportunity to take part in this internship has really helped me understand my specific passions within my major and what it is that I would like to do after graduation.”
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