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About Global Talent Link

Global Talent Link (GTL) is an online village that nurtures international perspectives, ability, benevolence, and courage (iABC) for people all around the world. It is also a makerspace for anyone who wants to connect with different people, reflect on the iABC principles, and act for meaningful changes. You may watch a short 2022 introductory video at, visit our website at, and email us at to learn how you can get involved.


Youth Learner Consultant

May 2023 Boston, MA
“Global Talent Link (GTL) allows me to connect with an online community that nurtures GTL's key values: international perspectives, abilities, benevolence and courage (iABC). I am able to connect with other like-minded individuals virtually to mentor, build community, and make meaningful changes globally. One way I was able to connect with others is through our online Team channel: Panda Station. It was a way to introduce ourselves, discuss upcoming gTalk's meet-up's, and connect with other Linkers. ”


February 2021 Stoughton, MA
“GTL offers a unique, supportive environment where everyone's input and ideas are valued. I have felt very supported as a team member since joining and there is so much exciting opportunity here to initiative ideas and create meaningful work that has a positive impact on the community and lives of students. GTL's approach to online learning is a really unique and rewarding structure - it truly focuses on personalizing and uplifting the individuality of students and that makes for a really positive environment to contribute to. ”
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