GLIMPSE A New Perspective

About GLIMPSE A New Perspective

GLIMPSE is a start-up founded by recent college graduates who recognized during the Paris Bombings that we needed a more efficient way to make global change. Our mission is to ensure that every person can find a volunteer or donation opportunity, understand their impact, and utilize the information, strategically, to make the world a better place. We have developed a platform, Volunetix, which quantifies, verifies, and manages volunteer and non-profit data to help increase their impact.

We envision a standardized form of collecting data where we can create a market exchange comprised of live data from donors, volunteers, and non-profits allowing individuals to choose well informed donations and volunteer opportunities. Partnering this vision with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals we can fast track the improvement of our society.


Marketing Analyst Intern

August 2019 Phoenix, AZ
“The team is really fun and have made my experience worthwhile so far.”
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