About Gigavac

The leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing Hermetically Sealed Compact Switching Technology, seeks an Electrical Engineer Intern to join our Engineering Team and work with other EEs on manufacturing automation and new product development. You will join a team to design and manufacture advanced Power Control devices capable of carrying and switching over 6 Megawatts of DC current in a product the size of an apple. These electro-mechanical devices are a critical component of the Electric Vehicle, Solar and Wind Generation, Power Storage, and Fuel Cell markets. Our customers include Tesla, Samsung, Mercedes, Space-X, Navistar/International, Lockheed, Zero Motorcycles, Solaris, and hundreds more.


engineering intern

July 2018 - September 2018 Carpinteria, CA
“amazing environment”

Deign Intern

July 2018 Carpinteria, CA
“Given lots of freedom to be creative. Very little paperwork. Fun environment”
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