Giffin, Inc.

About Giffin, Inc.

Giffin, Inc. provides large scale, turn-key paint finishing systems to the industrial and automotive industries; the company performs in-house engineering, design, shop fabrication, and project management of these facilities. Since 1980 Giffin has been growing and has expanded its reach from Canada, to the United States, and most recently Mexico. Our continued growth over the years has led to cutting edge innovations through our research and development program. As a leader in the paint finishing industry we look forward to bringing in new talent to join our team.


Design engineer

June 2017 Auburn Hills, MI
“They gave me actual work to do. the assignments I completed for them I could see being utilized in the job sites. Those who I worked for were incredibly patient and explained everything very well so you were able to learn the processes required. Everyone in the office is very friendly as well”
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