Gesa CU-WSU Pullman

About Gesa CU-WSU Pullman

This summer, Gesa Credit Union is coming to Washington State University with the addition of two branches to serve the Cougar community with high quality financial services, right on campus. But these branches will be more than your typical stop to deposit a check or pull out cash. They will be operated by Student Relationship Officers who are enthusiastic about helping their community become financially healthy, while they gain professional skills along the way. Read more to learn if becoming an intern Student Relationship Officer is right for you!

Offered solely to actively enrolled students, this role provides a unique opportunity to gain real work experience and professional development all while you continue to pursue your education. As an intern, you will receive expert training on banking operations, customer service, and relationship building, empowering you to run a credit union branch serving the campus community. In addition to operating the branch, you will work as a financial education coordinator as you strategize with peers, campus clubs, and divisions on campus to develop and deploy financial education opportunities to students and staff, such as educational seminars, membership drives, and more. Our interns will be on the forefront of building a healthy financial culture on campus and truly making a difference in the community.

Gesa Credit Union is pleased to partner with Washington State University to provide services to the campus community and employ student interns. As a credit union that can trace its roots to education, Gesa is uniquely positioned to serve in the higher education environment and our new campus branches and Student Relationship Officer roles are just one more way we continue our commitment to provide financial education and low-cost financial services to our communities.

We know college is a big step, and the right knowledge will help you succeed well after graduation. Becoming a Student Relationship Intern will provide you the skills, confidence, and experience you need to take your next leap after graduation. Join us!



October 2021 Pullman, WA
“Really great team. Always ready to teach new skills.”
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