GBS Benefits, Inc

401k Consultant

June - September 2019 • Salt Lake City, UT

What I liked

It was a mentoring experience. I was with the directors of the 401k plans in their offices running numbers, discussing ideas about clients, what type of 401k plans would be best for a certain business. I was driving out to meet clients with the directors shadowing them, also participated in having lunch with prospect clients. We talked a lot about stocks and how to diversify plans, worked with some wealth managers discussing structured notes to put as a package for 401k plans for specific clients. Awesome experience.

What I wish was different

I wish that It had been a longer experience. School starting back up puts a halt on things but got me excited for what the future holds!


Connect with everyone, start going to events, talk to your friends brothers, dads, uncles anyone in the industry and ask them what they love about finance. Ask them for referrals and mentorship!
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