Gary Pools, Inc


May - August 2019 • Cheektowaga, NY

What I liked

I liked getting more experience talking with and helping a variety of different types of people, and while I don’t plan to sell pool chemicals for my entire life, it certainly was good to be able to experience how to teach others about a subject. Sometimes I had to find more simple ways of explaining the chemistry to older people that may not have had a lot of knowledge about how basic chemistry works, for example. I also had to learn how to generally hold or strike up conversations even if I didn’t know the person well enough to improve my friendliness at work, as well as to make sure that people were getting the help they need because they don’t always like to ask first when they need help.

What I wish was different

I wish I had been a bit more confident in what I was saying, but I often doubted myself especially in my first couple weeks of work because I was afraid to steer a customer wrong, but I was usually right and I’m sure that lack of confidence reflected poorly on me as an employee.


Everyone should find value in the experience of the work they’re doing. The job may not be great, and it may not be related to what you want to do with the rest of your life, but that is okay because we all have to start somewhere and you can use them as a learning experience in some way or another to help you in a future career
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