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About Game On! Sports 4 Girls

Since 2007, we have dedicated ourselves to working specifically with girl’s grades Pre-K – 8th to encourage a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle that includes sports and fitness. Through our unique summer camps and school-year events and programs, we have effectively empowered girls through sports by building their confidence and teaching each one skills and values crucial to their growth as an athlete AND a person. We have worked hard, observing, and listening to feedback every step of the way, to become the experts in the areas of communication and teaching methodology. The result is customized, fun programming that includes our signature incentive programs. We are so proud of our impact – exciting girls about staying fit and active on top of imparting core values and life skills that go beyond the playing field. This is our passion and our mission. For videos, photos, and more details, visit the Game On! website at


Camp Counselor

June 2022 - August 2022 Chicago, IL
“It was fun working with kids all summer! ”
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