Game Beyond the Game

About Game Beyond the Game

Game Beyond the Game was founded by Prince Daniels Jr., a former NFL Running back as a safe haven for all professional athletes to cultivate the mindset to discover their purpose and vision in life, and see it through. Not just in preparation for the transition from being a professional athlete, but a platform for success in life.

There are a number of transition programs out there focused on how to manage your finances, how to start your business, invest, and so on. But none of that matters, if your mind and spirit aren’t prepared; because you will feel lost, uninspired, and without a vision or purpose for yourself or your family.

At Game Beyond the Game, you will learn how to enhance your mind, body, and spirit; otherwise, your body is going to be hurting, your mind is going to be running and your spirit is going to be lost.

Game Beyond the Game is everything you wish you had before the game, during the game, and after the game.


Marketing Intern

September 2020 San Diego, CA
“I love this company and how easy it was to get in contact with them through Handshake! I have learned so much about marketing and sales as well!”
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