How is compensation computed for interns at E. & J. Gallo Winery?

Expected compensation, again, depends on where you are. You could expect $20/hour if you are an older, more experienced intern. The lowest wage I have seen is $16/hour. There are programs, like mine, that offer merit scholarships plus a paid wage. Do your research as to what you are applying to.
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What would you say were the best and worst parts of being a Production Engineering Intern at E. & J. Gallo WInery?

I am so thankful to learn about this wonderful openings in ADM. Well prepared to assumed the responsibility of securing a job as soon as I graduate in December 2019. Please schedule me for an internship as production Engineer early next year at E & J Gallo winery. My regards to you for this oppor...
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Important talking points to highlight in an interview with a winery company such as E. & J. Gallo Winery?

The main qualities and experiences you highlight depend exclusively on the position you apply for within the winery. Gallo is involved in agriculture, technology, and is vertically integrated to include logistics/glass manufacturing. What remains consistent as a theme is your ability to work with...
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