Gaithersburg Architectural Millwork

Project Management Intern

May 2018 - August 2019 • Warrenton, VA

What I liked

This medium size and growing company was filled with many knowledgable and friendly workers. I was about to work alongside several different Project Managers as well as Estimators, Engineers and the Accounting department to understand the start to finish process of a project. They let me sit in on meetings, go on job sites, and see the communication between architects, general contractors, and sub contractors so I was able to learn every single part that goes into planning a commercial project.

What I wish was different

I could not think of something different I would have wanted from this internship. It was an incredible learning experience.


My best piece of advice is to ask questions. When you get assigned a task, complete the task so everything is done on time but then find a minute to ask the project manager "why did you make that decision?" or "what was the thought process you had when choosing that?" It helps to learn their thought process so you understand the 'why' in the situation and not just the 'how to do it'.
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