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About Gaia Environmental Consulting

Gaia Environmental Consulting provides reliable and accurate data collection, scientific research, and environmental consulting services for governmental and non-governmental agencies. Our experienced and qualified research teams are committed to rigorous scientific research and data collection practices. The valuable data we provide our clients helps determine the best management practices for parks and protected areas throughout the United States. It is our mission to promote environmental responsibility and sustainability through the implementation of policies, practices, and methods.


Field Technician

July 2021 - August 2021 Jackson, WY
“My experience as a field technician with Gaia Environmental Consulting was full of learning, adventure, and hard work. This was a great summer job, especially for someone my age. Personally, my favorite part of this job was spending two weeks in a National Park and getting paid to be there...I know, too good to be true, right? I love traveling and seeing new places but, as a college student, it is hard to afford travel. I also really enjoyed this job because it was a learning opportunity in a field that I am not studying. It was really interesting and a great opportunity to explore the environmental consulting field for a couple of weeks. Additionally, the people I worked with on this trip were awesome. We all went out to dinner after work several nights that we were there, explored numerous different lakes in the park, and went on an absolutely breathtaking hike to Delta Lake on our day off. Such a wonderful experience! ”

Field Technician

July 2021 - July 2021 Jackson, WY
“My experience with GAIA working as a Field Tech in Grand Teton National Park was an incredible learning experience. Personally, I hadn't had any field work experience prior to going to Grand Teton, and being able to use the opportunity to dip my toe into data collection experience over a two week trip helped me to solidify the desire to pursue more work like this. One of the best qualities of the trip was having the opportunity to work on a short term ( two week) basis because this gave me the freedom to gain new experience while maintaining my current job. The team was also incredible and welcoming, we spent a lot of time together in the field and back at the hotel, often going out to dinner together and spending our day off exploring the park. ”
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