Fuzzys Taco Shop

About Fuzzys Taco Shop

The original Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is on Berry Street in Fort Worth, Texas. It was there that a glorious vision of taco heaven took hold in 2003: It would have frosty drinks. It would have good vibes. It would be the kind of place that you never want to leave. It would be a huge, craving-inducing success.

Fuzzy’s earned a cult-like following, and that first location turned into more than 100 across the country. Today, people bring their dogs, party on our patios and feel the festive love every time they walk into a Fuzzy’s. And with locations popping up nationwide, our Baja tacos, Chips & Guac, and frozen margaritas are always within reach. Which is reason enough to celebrate with some, as far as we’re concerned.



January 2019 - June 2019 Cincinnati, OH
“I liked how flexible the job was and how it balanced nicely with my school schedule when I first got hired during the Spring semester of 2019. During the summer I was able to pick up more hours and make more than what I was making during the semester. I also liked how cashiers made tips along with the regular hourly wage. This job also rewards students for good grades! If are employed with the company for at least 6 months, you are qualified to receive money for good grades. You get $200 for every A, $100 for every B, and $50 for every C per academic semester.”
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