Futures Academy

About Futures Academy

For many students, the large classroom model doesn’t fit how they learn best ~ for a variety of reasons. Some students learn faster or slower, some like to ask more questions or prefer a quieter classroom, others learn better in a more welcoming social environment, and there are those who appreciate learning on alternative, flexible schedules. For all of these students, we created Futures Academy.

We’ve reimagined school where students work one-to-one with their teachers to find how they learn best and excel in academics. Students then connect across our micro-community for group study and social activities. Most find making friends easier here because every student is known and knows others. At Futures, we don’t look like a traditional school, and we don’t teach like one either. We are School Reimagined.



January 2020 - March 2020 Oakland, CA
“Working with English as Second Language Learners to ensure they gained the ability to read and write.”
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