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About Fusion Applied

Fusion Applied was founded to solve business problems using innovative high quality software applications. Our mission is to constantly strive to find simpler and better ways to solve business problems.

Our approach is simple. We hire the best talent. We empower them. We work with the best tools available to deliver technology solutions for our customers. We constantly research and experiment with new technology. We use a majority of the technologies we propose to customers internally for our own operations. We train our teams extensively. We believe in doing in what we do really well and continuously improve the way we do things.

Our experience in delivering Business Process Management, Case Management and Human Workflow solutions has given us visibility into tasks like reconciliation, validation and data entry that are being done manually, but can be very time-consuming, repetitive and error prone. This led us to develop a strong Robotic Process Automation capability within Fusion Applied so that we can help our customers automate these activities. With our extensive experience in developing applications we have learned that to create an exceptional customer experience we need to have the ability to build applications rapidly and deliver several successive iterations of it, continuously improving and steering it based on user feedback.

The approach towards developing applications should be business or consumer driven. Our expertise in developing solutions using Low-Code platforms allows us to significantly shorten the time to market for the applications and allows us to keep our focus on solving business problems. We are constantly honing our skills in breaking down complexity into something simple that works and delivers value quickly.

We have developed solutions for many domains including Healthcare, Criminal Justice, Finance, Insurance, Logistics, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Safety and Health Regulation, Medicare Appeals Processing and Defense.


Software Developer Intern

May 2019 - December 2019 Sterling, VA
“I got to learn several different technologies and got insight into the tech industry as I had lots of time to chat with more experienced coworkers.”
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