Funston Capital

About Funston Capital

Funston Capital is an entrepreneurial investment firm led by a seasoned professional focused on acquiring and managing a growing technology business. Funston Capital is a private investment partnership focused on acquiring and managing a single, privately-owned US-based business in a growing industry with $10MM to $100MM in annual revenue.


Private Equity Analyst

January 2022 - May 2022 San Francisco, CA
“Alex made this internship such an enjoyable experience. From helping us understand more about how VC works to being flexible and working with your schedules, he was always there to help. What we had to do each week was pretty consistent and manageable, yet it was perfect to someone who is just starting to venture in this field. ”

Private Equity Intern

January 2022 - April 2022 San Francisco, CA
“The exposure was good as you get to analyze a wide range of tech-related industries and delve into specific companies that are sourced. Alex is incredibly knowledgeable about tech (being an ex-Google SWE himself) and he has been super helpful throughout the internship by supporting us. Weekly one-to-one catch ups are definitely good chances to ask questions and the work schedule is also very flexible. There was also a fun team-bonding event at Rock & Rileys at the end of the semester.”
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