Funky Fish Ocean Camp

About Funky Fish Ocean Camp

Funky Fish Ocean Camp provides a unique, Award Winning ocean experience for children ages 4-17. We offer an inspiring, one of a kind educational program, connecting children to the ocean through professionally guided snorkeling, boogie/skim boarding lessons and Oceanology.



June 2020 - August 2020 Fort Lauderdale, FL
“Working at Funky Fish Ocean Camp was one of the best experiences I have been given the opportunity to have. The workers were all very passionate and kind people who loved what they were doing which really defined the experience that I had. Initially, I was a little timid to work with children with Covid-19 spreading in South Florida, however, with the extra safety implications, I felt more safe at work than anywhere else! My favorite part would have to be snorkeling with the children and seeing their faces light up when a school of fish swam by or if they found a really cool shell!”
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