Fundación Niñas sin Miedo

About Fundación Niñas sin Miedo

Niñas sin Miedo or Girls Without a Fear is a Colombian NGO with the objective of empowering girls and adolescents by means of education and the sport of cycling to cultivate self-esteem and autonomous decision making such that they may fully exercise their rights. Niñas sin Miedo works to break gender norms and prevent gendered violence through workshops, classes, athletics, and other events. Most of our work centers around the Soacha municipality, which hosts large numbers of displaced Colombians and suffers high rates of violence.


Grant Writer and English Teacher

June 2019 - August 2019 Bogotá, Colombia
“I loved being able to have an experience in a different national context. The organization itself was also truly incredible. Everyone volunteering and working for Niñas Sin Miedo were very passionate and dedicated to the work. They were also very welcoming to the group of interns from Oberlin and arranged different "cultural events" for us to attend for us to get to know Bogotá and Colombia better. I also got to participate in a wide variety of work such as teaching and grant writing. Overall it was a really great way to experience activist work in another country. ”


June 2019 - August 2019 Bogotá, Colombia
“I loved working with the young girls. It was an inspiring experience, fulfilling in many unexpected ways, and so fun. I love that the organization was attentive to dynamics of foreigners coming into their communities to teach. I also appreciate that the girl's families were excited and supportive of us as their daughters' teachers.”
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