About Fuckjerry

FJ offers products and services with the aim of entertaining people. At the core of the company is @Fuckjerry, the top comedy brand on social media. We have 10MM followers on Instagram and strong followings on Facebook and Snapchat. In addition, we run over a dozen brands such as Beigecardigan and JerryNews.

We also run a digital marketing agency that helps brands with their social media. Clients include Bumble, Bustle, Airtime, and Do Toros.

What Do You Meme? is one of our most recent exciting projects. It's a fun party game to play with friends that's going to be sold online and in stores in this Holiday season. An app is in development. We're looking for someone to build a next level e-comm site for

Lastly, we have an ecomm site called Jerry's World that aims to be a next-gen version of Spencer's Gifts.

Overall we're looking for content creators and business development people for the various business arms of Fuckjerry.


Aeronautical Engineering Intern

February 2019 Sarasota, FL
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