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How can I position myself to a FTI Consulting recruiter who will be at my college's career fair?

FTI Consulting consists of several distinct groups who do very different work. Make sure to research each of these groups and understand what type of work each one does. For the groups that interest you, they are looking for natural fits based on previous experience, interest level, and applicabl...
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Has anyone ever interned at FTI Consulting's Finance Team? Could you speak about your experience?

My internship at Office of the CFO was incredible. Due to the small size of our group, we really do expect our interns to contribute to live projects. Some interns stayed on the same project the entire summer. Other interns rotated across 2-3 projects. Overall, they make sure you stay on one proj...
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What's the culture at FTI Consulting like? Is it very corporate?

The culture is halfway between corporate and startup. It is corporate in the sense of having profit targets, large client expectations, structured evaluation and rewards systems, and a professional image. It is startup in the sense of a strong family community, free flow of ideas, large growth in...
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I'm really enjoying my internship at FTI Consulting. If you've ever interned there, what do you think I could do to secure a return offer?

I can speak about my experience at the Office of the CFO, which is a small, tight-knit group. It is very important to get to know as many people in the group as possible. It's easy to make a good impression on all of the directors whether through lunches, quick meetings to learn about their proje...
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