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About Free Geek

Free Geek is a Portland-based non-profit that has served our community since 2000. Free Geek proudly participates in Oregon E-Cycles, offering free and convenient recycling of computers, monitors, televisions and more for all Oregonian households. We try to reuse as much material as we can by giving it away through our Volunteer and Hardware Grants programs or selling it to support our job-training and education programs. Unlike some opportunistic recyclers, those items we can't reuse are handled with the highest ethical and environmental standards. Volunteers learn to build computers, benefit the environment, gain job skills, or just come to have fun! Free Geek offers a wide range of classes free to our volunteers and the general public to demystify technology for everyone.


Tech Support Intern

May 2018 - September 2018 Portland, OR
“The team is a pleasure to work with; not only the tech support team but the entire warehouse (laptops, desktops, recycling, store, management, etc...) Even with their busy schedules, people are always willing to help other members out. It's a great place to improve your tech knowledge as well as your customer service skills.”
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