Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security

About Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Franklin County Emergency Management & Homeland Security coordinates and prepares for county-wide all-hazards disaster planning, community education, warning, training, grant funding, response, and recovery efforts in order to prepare and protect the citizens of Franklin County before, during, and after natural and man-made disasters.


Emergency Management Specialist

June 2019 - January 2020 Columbus, OH
“My time here at Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security provided a wide range of experiences that equipped me with the field knowledge and expertise needed in my current professional career. They encouraged trainings and workshops to connect and learn from others within the emergency management field. During my time, I connected with folks from both the private and public sectors exposing me to how partnerships are critical to successful work. The folks working there are really passionate about their work and in progressing their programs to ensure public safety for all within Franklin County. I am very fortunate to have met and have worked with the team there. Without this experience I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without their encouragement, support, and guidance that extends well beyond my time spent there. ”

Homeland Security Intern

January 2020 - May 2020 Columbus, OH
“While interning at Franklin County Emergency Management, I was exposed to a team of amazing people. Everyone was willing to teach me and I can honestly say I learned a ton from everyone who works there. Being that the county works with a lot of private and public sector entities, there were a ton of networking opportunities. Franklin County advocated for me and is ultimately the reason that I have the job that I am in now.”
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