Framatome Inc.

About Framatome Inc.

Framatome is a major international player in the nuclear energy market recognized for its innovative solutions and value-added technologies
for designing, building, maintaining, and advancing the global nuclear fleet. The company designs, manufactures, and installs components
and fuel for nuclear power plants and offers a full range of reactor services.

With 14,000 employees worldwide, every day Framatome’s expertise helps its customers improve the safety and performance of their nuclear plants and achieve their economic and societal goals.


Mechanical Engineering Intern

June 2018 Lynchburg, VA
“The engineers are extraordinarily friendly and willing to answer any and all questions. The work was challenging and I was given the opportunity to present the work that I performed to the a VP which was both exciting and terrifying. Also, the interns almost won a game of company jeopardy and we were awarded gift cards to Dunkin Donuts and quality bluetooth speakers which is a huge plus.”

Tooling Engineering Intern

August 2018 Lynchburg, VA
“I have enjoyed learning about the design and manufacturing process. I was surprised at how in depth the drawings needed to be to correctly manufacture parts.”
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