Framatome Inc.

About Framatome Inc.

If you are interested in reducing energy-generated carbon and producing life-saving medical isotopes to treat certain types of cancer while working with colleagues who are passionate about nuclear power, your next job may be with Framatome!

To meet the growing needs of an expanding clean energy landscape, Framatome is looking for talented and passionate professionals who will strengthen the company’s commitment to advancing nuclear power. As a company, Framatome is made up of dedicated people working together to expand reliable nuclear energy solutions and technologies. Framatome’s job openings span across the nuclear sector, including engineering, research and development, project management, production and maintenance.


Structural Engineering Intern

May 2022 - August 2022 Lynchburg, VA

Mechanical Engineering Intern

June 2018 Lynchburg, VA
“The engineers are extraordinarily friendly and willing to answer any and all questions. The work was challenging and I was given the opportunity to present the work that I performed to the a VP which was both exciting and terrifying. Also, the interns almost won a game of company jeopardy and we were awarded gift cards to Dunkin Donuts and quality bluetooth speakers which is a huge plus.”
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