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About FP International

FP International is an award-winning manufacturer of innovative, protective packaging products and packaging systems. We are worldwide leaders in eco-friendly packaging. Our superior products include PMOS (Packaging-Made-On-Site), biodegradable, sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging, void fill air cushions, and kraft bubble mailers. FP International's best-in-class products include CELL-O® EZ, NOVUS® and PILLOW PAK® Green inflatable packaging air cushions. All of our air cushion packaging systems create a smaller carbon footprint, help reduce damage claims and are cost efficient for our customers. We also design and install custom dispensing storage systems for air cushions.

For us, sustainability is a corporate lifestyle. We know we are in a position to make a difference and we take that responsibility seriously. To us, sustainability means integrating long-term environmental, economic and social dimensions into the way we operate our business.


Engineering Intern

June 2017 Thornton, IL
“Everyone is super friendly and the job keeps you busy. ”
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