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Fourth Presbyterian Church is committed to glorifying God by making disciples of Jesus Christ through Christ-Centered Worship, Gospel-Shaped Community, Kingdom-Advancing Multiplication, and Neighbor-Loving Service.


Sumer Staffer

May 2018 - August 2018 Bethesda, MD
“Working and relaxing with the other staffers was so much fun. I made some really valuable relationships because of it and look forward to their growth in future years. It's also great working with kids who are loving, fun, eager to learn, and excited to play. Connecting with their parents to learn more about them is also a valuable skill that allows you to interact with adults in a professional and friendly setting. There's a large amount of responsibility that you have in this job, but the higher-ups make it feel a lot more relational and casual which helps cultivate relationships, learning, and development through programs that are safe and well run. ”
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