Fountain House, Inc.

Residence Staff Worker

July 2019 • New York City, NY

What I liked

I have liked that the members at my residence are a pleasure to work with, and that I have been able to learn of many aspects about my field. Since I am studying psychoanalysis, learning how I feel around the members, and even talking to them about their issues has had me get a better understanding of the material that I am reading about. Aside from that, working in this environment has me feel very comfortable, and being able to help the members in anyway that I can feels very rewarding.

What I wish was different

I wish that the services provided for my personal residence were better, and that the building was renovated to be a bit more modern. They added a center in the basement that is nice, but is more so enjoyed by members from the main residence, not from the one that I work in.


I would say that this job is great for anyone studying in the psychology field, and that if you needed something that can be a place where you can really work around the job, and the personal things that you need to work on, then this is a nice comfortable job. But be wary that because of the environment where anything can go wrong for a member if they are not being monitored, there can be instances where something serious may happen, and the person is asked to step up in order to help the member, or whatever the situation may be.
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