About Fountain

Fountain is the leading mid-market and enterprise Hiring Platform for Hourly Workers, a secure solution for applicant screening and workforce retention built for speed and scale, that is backed by over $11M in venture capital.

Since inception, teams across 50 countries have used Fountain to save millions of work-hours, communicate with more than 4MM+ applicants, and provide 400,000 real people with jobs. The world's most forward-thinking companies, including Uber, Safeway, Deliveroo, Grubhub, rely on Fountain to power its large-scale employee hiring and contractor vetting operations.

Our goal is to maximize labor-market efficiency and provide economic opportunity to local workers.

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Product Intern

June 2018 San Francisco, CA
“At Fountain, I truly found what it feels like to work with a group of fun-loving, smart, tenacious creatives. Everyone in their own right took ownership of their work and pushed forward to ensure that neither quality or quantity would be traded off. I greatly appreciated the amount of agency each person gave me, fully trusting me, a mere intern, with complete projects or customer-contingent problems. There was a lack of bureaucracy in the company overall, so it was refreshing to take things head on and engage with team members I saw everyday with no difference between the weight and importance of our work minus my title of intern.”
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