Clinical Research Associate II

September 2022 - April 2023 • Myrtle Point, OR

What I liked

Great, and I mean GREAT management in my case- from line manager to CTMs; always supportive, and actually very knowledgeable/experienced relative to managers I've had at other CROs. VERY good pay relative to other CROs, including bonuses and stock options.

What I wish was different

The travel and per-diem policies/limits are not very good; it would be nice if we just got a set per diem per city like other CROs, but Fortrea pays out a cap and that can only be used to buy food, and it must be documented. As for travel, the allowance is so low that you practically have to bother a manager every time for approval because everything is so expensive now. They also gave pretty lackluster equipment, e.g. company laptop; I went through 2 in my less than one year time being there and they were falling apart. Other CROs seem to give better equipment.


Don't leave, I wish I hadn't! :-(
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