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About Fort Wayne Metals

You may think of Fort Wayne Metals as a wire manufacturer. We think of ourselves as innovators and life savers. We develop new alloys, pioneer revolutionary materials and never stop refining our products to help them perform better in medical devices. What really drives us is the opportunity to help spark medical innovations that can improve and save lives.
At Fort Wayne Metals, everything we do is driven by the fact that our materials end up in lifesaving medical devices. Which is why quality is valued above everything else. We are constantly researching new materials, developing better products, and we keep looking for better ways to help you go about the business of helping your customers live longer, more fulfilling lives.
"I have always felt that people are more important than materials or facilities. Their happiness, good working conditions, good income, all contribute to the welfare of a company."
Ardelle Glaze, Fort Wayne Metals Founder, 1960
Everything we do here at FWM affects someone’s life, whether it is in the products we manufacture or the jobs we create within the community. Each and every day our employees come to work with the knowledge and determination that it takes to be the best in our industry. The emphasis we put on the quality of our wire and the way in which we respond to our customer’s requests is not just our priority – it’s our mission. We’re innovators, constantly pushing the boundaries of materials science in order to improve our products, so we need open-minded employees who are willing to learn and enjoy pushing the limits of science.


Mechanical Engineering Intern

May 2020 - August 2020 Fort Wayne, IN
“Everyone was very friendly and more than willing to help whenever needed.”

Benefits Intern

June 2019 Fort Wayne, IN
“Interns did project based work, meaning what they were doing was actually make a difference in the company. They also provided professional development events for us to attend. ”
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